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Leading Women: Emily | Juniper

Greetings Rose and Starlight Fans ¶ Boldly imagined by writer and director Frances O'Connor, EMILY debuts on Friday in the Starlight. This is not your typical historic biopic, but a narrative jolt that places the novelist exquisitely and passionately in the heart of her stories.

"O’Connor’s liberties work for a story that, above all, is about art as an act of radical sovereignty." -New York Times

Never one to be outdone, this week Charlotte Rampling offers another shinning example of rebellious women leading our screens. Rampling commands our attention in JUNIPER, the story of a fiercely independent woman who shows her grandson how to embrace life's wild ride. "The film...maintains some of its prickly charm in no small part because of the feisty Rampling, whose ice-queen persona here straddles bone-dry humor and withering tragedy" -New York Times

Held over for one last weekend, BROKER hails from master filmmaker Hirokazu Kore-eda, director of SHOPLIFTERS (which won the Palme D'Or at Cannes). Before the film even begins, we meet Kore-eda, who offers a brief introduction with the genuine humility and gratitude characteristic to all of his films. Exploring the underbelly of society with an ever-present humanism, Kore-eda casts of his characters as orphans looking intensely to finally find a home. "A highly satisfying drama about love, families and forgiveness, starting over and creating a better life."