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Of An Age | Close

Greetings Rose and Starlight Fans ¶ Come to the Starlight to see OF AN AGE, starting today, and you'll undoubtedly feel a bit of nostalgic longing for your own first love.

Set in Australia in the '90s, the film tracks young dancer Nicola and his friend's older brother, Adam, through the thrill of their surprising first connection and the tender bloom of mutual enduring love.  "Equal parts wistful and sensual, vivid and gentle, Stolevski has gifted us with a swoon-worthy romantic drama." –Variety

In contrast, also starting today at the Rose is the Oscar-nominated CLOSE, a coming-of-age story of two boys navigating the confusing and complicated social pressures that threatens their intimate and endearing friendship, leading to tragic consequences.  "A deft and empathetic chronicler of the tumultuous anguish and ecstasy of adolescence." –The Guardian

This week we have two special screenings. In the Rose, from National Theatre Live, THE CRUCIBLE will be offered on Saturday the 11th at 11:30am with the second and final show on the morning of Sunday the 19th. Arthur Miller's iconic play depicting the sweep of puritanical fascism and it's tragic consequences, is ripe with lessons as relevant today as when he wrote it 70 years ago.
In the Rosebud, a special screening on Saturday of SCHOOL OF ROCK, starring Jack Black as the quintessential failed rocker who ushers in a musical rebellion at an uptight private middle school. And, as if you needed a reason other than the pure joy of watching rock n' roll break even the most stolid spirits, tickets are only $7. Proceeds benefit YEA Music, a Port Townsend based nonprofit that offers kids free and low-cost music lessons and camps in Port Townsend and the surrounding area.