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Faces Places

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At 89, Agnes Varda is, with Jean-Luc Godard, the wise elder of the pathbreaking French New Wave, and a specialist in crafting fascinating, open-eyed studies of people living eccentric lives on society's fringes. "It is the people who have no official place in society who need to be listened to," she has said, and here, in collaboration with the wildly popular young French artist JR, she combines footage of the process of creating large-scale photographic images of marginalized people - a goat herder, a waitress, a postman, the wives of dockworkers - with stories of how she came in contact with them. FACES PLACES's tone is delightfully improvisational and whimsical; the growing friendship between JR and Varda, two artists separated by five decades, is charming; and the fearless Varda allows the melancholy, in the meditations on those she has lost or outlived, flow too. (Telluride Film Festival)

"Exquisite." - The New York Times

"Magnificently moving, funny and altogether wonderful!" - Indiewire