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Neruda Neruda


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Thu, 3/2 7:15 Ends Thursday
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"Stunningly inventive. A work of such cleverness and beauty, alongside such power, it's hard to know how to parcel out praise." — Variety

Special event on the evening of Friday, 2/24: Poetry reading of Neruda work 10 minutes prior to the movie with poet Rikki Ducornet!

A glorious mix of history and imagination, Neruda is an enthralling new film, a lavishly mounted and grandly entertaining depiction of the manhunt for exiled Chilean poet and politician Pablo Neruda.

It's 1948 and the Cold War has reached Chile. Following the President's outlawing of Communism, Neruda (Luis Gnecco) and his artist wife are forced into hiding. Beloved by the populace, they slip underground and are pursued by incompetent vainglorious police inspector Oscar Peluchonneau (the superb Gael Garcia Bernal), hoping to make a name for himself by capturing the country's most infamous fugitive

Whilst life on the run holds little charm for the cultured and hedonistic Neruda, he uses the opportunity to reinvent his work and life, leaving clues for his pursuer designed to make their game of cat-and-mouse even more dangerous and thrilling. Thwarting Peluchonneau at every turn, it's almost as if the detective is the man Neruda would have written to chase himself....

Blending visual grandeur and literary wit, Neruda is a beguiling reinvention of the 'standard' cinematic biography. Playfully confounding expectations at every turn, the film offers a startling rumination on the split between the person and their persona, the man and the artist.

Gripping, funny and ingeniously conceived.

"An effusive love letter to the very concept of fiction, and all the ways it can set you free." - Playlist

R, 107 min.