Community Arts Film Series IV

Community Arts Film Series IV

One of our most popular film series, ART ON SCREEN focuses on the lives and work of painters, writers, sculptors, photographers, filmmakers and more. Presented in partnership with Northwind Arts Center.

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Rosebud Cinema

Jay Myself

Community Arts Film Series. JAY MYSELF documents the monumental move of renowned photographer and artist, Jay Maisel, who, after forty-eight years, begrudgingly sold his home—the 36,000 square-foot, 100-year-old landmark building in Manhattan. Through the intimate lens of filmmaker and Jay’s protégé, noted photographer Stephen Wilkes, the viewer is taken on a remarkable journey through Jay’s life; a man grappling with time, life, change, and the end of an era in New York City. NR, 79 min.

Rosebud Cinema

Vision Portraits

Community Arts Film Series: VISION PORTRAITS is the personal story of filmmaker Rodney Evans (Brother To Brother, The Happy Sad) as he embarks on a scientific and artistic journey, questioning how his loss of vision might impact his creative future. Through illuminating portraits of three artists: a photographer, a dancer and a writer, the film looks at the ways each artist was affected by the loss of their vision and the ways in which their creative process has changed or adapted. NR, 80 min.

Rosebud Cinema

The Proposal

Community Arts Film Series: Known as “the artist among architects,” Luis Barragán is among the world’s most celebrated architects of the 20th century. Upon his death in 1988, much of his work was locked away in a Swiss bunker, hidden from the world’s view. In an attempt to resurrect Barragán’s life and art, boundary redefining artist Jill Magid creates a daring proposition that becomes a fascinating artwork in itself—a high-wire act of negotiation that explores how far an artist will go to democratize access to art. Not rated, 90 min.

Selling Fast
Starlight Room - 21+ Venue, ID required

Walking on Water

Community Arts Film Series: Ten years after the passing of his wife and creative partner, Jeanne-Claude, Christo sets out to realize The Floating Piers, a project they conceived together many years before. Boasting uncensored access to the artist and his team, Walking on Water is an unprecedented look at Christo’s process, from the inception through to the completion of his latest large-scale art installation, a dahlia-yellow walkway atop Italy’s Lake Iseo that was eventually experienced by over 1.2 million people. Not rated, 105 min. Playing in Starlight Room (21+ Venue, ID required).

Rose Theatre

Pat Steir: Artist

Community Arts Film Series: The groundbreaking artist Pat Steir, a leading light in the development of Conceptual Abstraction and a trailblazing feminist, has been on the forefront of American painting for half a century. This intimate, revelatory portrait by Steir’s friend, the novelist and filmmaker Veronica Gonzalez Peña, was shot over the course of three years primarily in Steir’s home and studio. Enlivened by a visually poetic style and the clear affection between filmmaker and subject, the film offers a profound look into the life of an artist. Not rated, 78 min.

Rosebud Cinema

Barbara Rubin and the Exploding NY Underground

Community Arts Film Series: Inside the life the wild and wonderful filmmaker Barbara Rubin who shocked NYC's experimental film scene in the 60's. She introduced Andy Warhol to the Velvet Underground and Bob Dylan to the Kabbalah. But beyond shaping the spirit of the sixties, Barbara was seeking the deeper meaning of life. After retiring to a farm with Allen Ginsberg, she shocked everyone by converting to Hasidic Judaism, marrying and moving to France to live an anonymous life. Not rated, 80 min.