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White Riot
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Britain, late-1970s. Punk is exploding. The country is deeply divided over immigration. The National Front, a far-right and fascist political party, is gaining strength as politicians like Enoch Powell push a xenophobic agenda. Outraged by a racist speech from Eric Clapton, music photographer Red Saunders writes a letter to the music press calling for rock to be a force against racism starting a movement, called Rock Against Racism, that swept across the UK and Europe and culminated in a 100,000+ person march and a legendary concert event. WHITE RIOT is a moment in time when music changed the world. When a generation challenged the status quo and the youth culture made a difference. It's Woodstock meets the March on Washington, punk-style.

3 day rental • NR • 84 min.

"White Riot is a timely reminder of the power of music and the dangers of leaving fascism unchallenged. "
Backseat Mafia

"White Riot left me with a sense of hope that I haven’t felt for a long time. The barrage of bad news that follows us at every waking hour, and the dominance of racist rhetoric, can make us feel powerless. But if there’s any one message to be taken from Shah’s film, it’s the belief that if a group of punks and reggae fans could unite to fight back against hatred in the 70s, anyone could do the same now."
— British Film Institute

“A thrilling, incendiary look at punk’s influence on politics.” 
— The Film Stage

"An engaging historical story with timely contemporary echoes."
— The Hollywood Reporter

"There are a surprising number of resonant connections between the 70’s English multicultural anti-racism movement and the Black Lives Matter protest."
— Original Cin