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The Rose is a little jewel of a cinema with a world-class line-up of movies, plays, ballets and operas from around the globe. Our generous, culture-loving fans are the heart of this historic theatre, and part of what makes Port Townsend so rich and so unique.

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Bill Traylor: Chasing Ghosts

This illuminating documentary explores the life of a unique American artist, a man with a remarkable and unlikely biography. Bill Traylor was born into slavery in 1853 on a cotton plantation in rural Alabama. In his late 80s, Traylor became homeless and started to draw and paint, both memories from plantation days and scenes of a radically changing urban culture. Using historical and cultural context, BILL TRAYLOR: CHASING GHOSTS brings the spirit and mystery of Traylor’s incomparable art to life.

FREE Earth Day Film Streaming on 4/22 only!

Winged Migration

The Rose Theatre is proud to present WINGED MIGRATION, streaming for FREE for one day only on April 22nd in honor of Earth Day (only 150 tickets available). This documentary presents an epic portrait of winter bird migration. Filmed on all seven continents over four years, the footage is brought together into one portrait of a journey that's uniformly arduous for all kinds of different birds. STREAMING FREE ON EARTH DAY! Tickets available 4/22.

$12 / $8 Members

Malni - Towards the Ocean, Towards the Shore

A poetic film debut circling the origin of the death myth from the Chinookan people in the Pacific Northwest. It follows two seekers as they wander through their surrounding nature, the spirit world, and something much deeper inside. This pair take separate paths contemplating their afterlife, rebirth, and death. Probing questions about humanity’s place on earth and other worlds, Sky Hopinka’s film will have audiences thinking (and dreaming) about it long after.

$7.99 / $4.99 Members

Spawning Grounds

In one of America's first urban wildlife refuges, the plight of a little-known land locked salmon called the Lake Sammamish kokanee, or ‘Little Red Fish,’ is bringing together a unique and unlikely partnership between Tribal leaders, local and state agencies, private landowners and conservation groups. With their numbers dwindling, renewed scientific and cultural efforts attempt to ensure their survival as the region experiences unprecedented levels of new growth.

$9 / $6 Members

Skate Kitchen

Camille, an introverted teenage skateboarder, meets and befriends an all-girl, New York City-based skateboarding crew called Skate Kitchen. She falls in with the in-crowd, has a falling-out with her mother, and falls for a mysterious skateboarder guy. SKATE KITCHEN precisely captures the experience of women in male-dominated spaces and tells a story of a girl who learns the importance of camaraderie and self-discovery.

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Thank You For Your Support

The best way to support the Rose right now is to stream a movie. If you find one you love share it with your friends!