Rocky’s Review
Agnés Varda

The great filmmaker Agnés Varda died last Friday at her home in Paris. She was 90. I loved her movies, and always looked forward to the next one. Especially in THE GLEANERS AND I (2000), and FACES PLACES (2017), she had a way of creating a bond between herself and the audience that felt like a friendship. I hope that many of you have been as touched by her work as I have. In friendship and in her memory, I offer two free screenings this weekend of FACES PLACES. Upon learning of her passing, director Martin Scorsese wrote the following:

      "I seriously doubt that Agnés Varda ever followed in anyone else's footsteps, in any corner of her life or her art...which were one and the same. She charted and walked her own path each step of the way, she and her camera. Every single one of her remarkable handmade pictures, so beautifully balanced between documentary and fiction, is like no one else's - every image, every cut. What a body of work she left behind: movies big and small, playful and tough, generous and solitary, lyrical and unflinching...and alive."

     In light of Varda's passing, it is poignant that also playing Sunday is FOREVER. Director Heddy Honnigmann takes us on a visit to the world-famous Pere-Lachaise cemetery in Paris, the final resting place for legendary artists from around the world. It provides an unusually powerful meditation on relations between the living and the dead, and the immortal power of art.

     Returning Friday for a regular engagement is WOMAN AT WAR. If you're able to see just one movie within the next week, this is the one to see. It is an original, singular achievement: a crowd-pleaser about climate change.

     STYX, which is a great movie, moves to the Rosebud Friday, and will be sharing the screen with WHAT IS DEMOCRACY? from director Astra Taylor. Her previous film, EXAMINED LIFE played at the Rose in 2008.

     Matthias Schoenaerts stars in THE MUSTANG, which opens in the Starlight Friday. He plays a convict in a rural Nevada prison who struggles to escape his violent past.

     "Filmmaker Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre's story of a troubled convict bonding with a wild mustang is a striking debut. Each time you think you have this movie pegged, it'll knock you for a loop." - Rolling Stone
     And playing for just two shows this Saturday and Sunday, the highly acclaimed Best Foreign Language Film Nominee from Germany, NEVER LOOK AWAY. It was directed by Florian Henckel van Donnersmarck. He also directed the stunning Academy Award winner THE LIVES OF OTHERS (2006).

     While TO CATCH A THIEF this Wednesday night in the Starlight is sold out, tickets are still available for CITIZEN RUTH, Saturday night at ten in the Starlight.