Rocky’s Review

BOOKSMART is a fast, brainy, nasty-but-nice teenage comedy directed by actress Olivia Wilde. The adventure follows two besties - Molly and Amy - who hope to transcend their studious reputations and make up for four years of skipping parties in favor of studying hard. Beanie Feldstein (LADY BIRD) stars as Molly, and Kaitlyn Dever (SHORT TERM 12, BEAUTIFUL BOY) stars as Amy, two college-bound friends about to hit the town to prove that smart girls know how to have fun, too.

     When asked in a recent interview why she chose this story for her directorial debut, Wilde said, "What's the movie that made me want to make movies? For me it was the classic high school films, so I went back to FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH, THE BREAKFAST CLUB, DAZED AND CONFUSED, FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF. I wanted to reach back into the inspiration that made me want to be in the business in the first place." "BOOKSMART is a love letter for any young woman who has ever stayed home on Friday night to watch a Ken Burns documentary." -Globe and Mail

     And speaking of naughty-but-nice, 42nd STREET from London's West End is the singing and dancing hit that will raise high the roof beam at the Rose this weekend. Featuring the iconic songs 42nd Street, We're in the Money, Lullaby of Broadway, Shuffle Off to Buffalo, Dames, and I Only Have Eyes for You is a musical unlike any other. "Naughty, bawdy, gaudy and glorious!" -Express

     ROCKETMAN and THE BIGGEST LITTLE FARM were both hits over the weekend and will be holding over for another week. FARM moves up to the Starlight Room on Friday. 

     And by request, THE SERENGETI RULES returns for two weekend shows in the Starlight. Opening next Friday (6/14), LATE NIGHT, starring Emma Thompson. "Stuffed with truisms and heart, LATE NIGHT is also the one thing that any and every late night talk show has to strive for: funny as hell and with something to say." -IndieWire

     It's still two weeks away, but tickets are nearly sold out for NORTH BY NORTHWEST, our classics feature in the Starlight, Wednesday, June 19th.