Rocky’s Review
Buddy & Ash

BUDDY is a heart-soaring tearjerker, an exquisite portrait of six guide dogs and their owners. But because it is a Heddy Honigmann film (FOREVER), it inevitably transforms into a philosophical meditation - in this case, an exploration between mankind and its best friend. 

     Born in Peru to Polish Jewish parents, Honigmann has been honored with retrospectives at Centre Pompidou in Paris and at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. [When] "I began researching these dogs that are educated in helping people suffering autism, physical disabilities, blindness, PTSD...what I discovered was a unique bond between man and dog - a bond revealing solidarity, friendship, and yes, also love." "A tender tribute to tail-wagging treasures." -Hollywood Reporter

     One of the most admired directors in world cinema, Jia Zhang-Ke, was born in Fenyang, Shanxi, in 1970. He graduated from the Beijing Film Academy and is widely regarded as one of the leading figures of the "Sixth Generation" of Chinese filmmakers. 

     ASH IS PUREST WHITE, Zhang's latest film is a story of Chinese criminal underworld activity unlike anything you've seen before. Joe Morgenstern writing in The Wall Street Journal said, "No one makes movies like Mr. Jia does. He's a dramatist with the eye of a documentarian and the instincts of a historian, even a geographer. But he's also a romantic poet, and his driven by love as far as it can take her." ASH opens in the Rosebud this Friday, 4/19.

     WOMAN AT WAR goes into its 3rd hit week this Friday, moving up to the Starlight Room with THE MUSTANG. The fine German film TRANSIT ends this Thursday. 

     On Saturday the National Theatre of London presents the delightful London hit ALLELUHAH!  And on Sunday the Bolshoi ballet presents THE GOLDEN AGEfrom the stage of the Moscow Theatre.

     HOT OFF THE PRESS: We're having a FREE screening of the new documentary ASK DR. RUTH for Rose Theatre members on Saturday, April 27th at 12:00. Present your membership card at the box office beginning tomorrow - 4/17 - to receive a ticket; 1 ticket per member. Thank you for your membership. It goes a long way to supporting our diverse programming and keeping us a strong member of the community.

     Only 12 tickets remaining for TOP HAT (5/1) and the dancing duo of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.