Rocky’s Review
Elton / Farm

Many years ago I spent a few weeks in the fields at Finnriver Farm volunteering my labor. On my first day we went down the road to Red Dog Farm to assist - as I recall - with planting of strawberries. The young woman working across from me, puzzled by the presence of this elderly, gray-haired man, stop and asked me, "Are you here making amends for something you did?" She was serious, and her farm-wit floored me.

     Farmers work hard, and every day, every week I give thanks for the rich abundance of beautiful, healthy produce grown in Port Townsend and Jefferson County. THE BIGGEST LITTLE FARM, opening in the Rose and Starlight Room on Friday is the story of John and Molly Chester, novice California farmers who share with us the essential goodness of nature's organic processes, while capturing all the bumps and dead ends that greet them. It's a remarkable instance of hands-on, homemade filmmaking that connects us to the farming - the work and the joy of it. "Joyful in all the best ways. It's utterly and completely beautiful."-First Showing. "Spectacular." -Indiewire

     ROCKETMAN - also opening Friday - sent me to my dusty collection of LPs in search of Elton John's Honky Chateau. Would it still be there? Indeed it was, along with memories from that era. Even in the rareified air of the recent Cannes Film Festival, ROCKETMAN has been garnering great reviews. "This dizzy, delirious jukebox musical has the energy and visual dynamism to truly reflect the outlandish aesthetic and performance style of it subject." -Tribune New Service

     AMAZING GRACE has had a great run at the Rose and Starlight, but will be ending this Sunday. And returning for just two more shows this weekend, NEITHER WOLF NOR DOG. 

     Only a few more tickets remain for YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU, the classic comedy starring Jean Arthur and James Stewart. Gillian Anderson and Lily James star in the National Theatre of London's presentation of ALL ABOUT EVEN, this Saturday (6/1) and next Sunday (6/9).