Rocky’s Review

The AVENGERS ENDGAME juggernaut of last weekend - which obliterated countless national and international box office records - fortunately did not diminish attendance for both WOMAN AT WAR and THE MUSTANG. Both movies have found appreciative audiences in their four-week run at the Rose and Starlight, but both are finally ending this Thursday. 

     Our free showing last Saturday for Rose Theatre members of ASK DR. RUTHwas a resounding hit. The movie returns this week for a regular engagement as matinees only in the Starlight.

     And opening in the Rosebud Friday will be WILD NIGHTS WITH EMILY, the humorous yet bold reappraisal of Emily Dickinson, as informed by her private letters. While seeking publication of some of the 1,775 poems written during her lifetime, Emily (Molly Shannon) finds herself facing male literary gatekeepers too confused by her genius to take her work seriously. "Molly Shannon breathes wickedly funny life into Emily Dickinson." - Entertainment Weekly. "She was ahead of her time and the men who ran the literary world weren't interested in keeping pace." -Variety
     On Tuesday, May 7th our series MEET ME AT THE MOVIES resumes. This entertaining and inspiring series is an interactive film program designed for people living with memory loss. It celebrates the wonder of film and its ability to connect us with memories. From the hilarious French classic MR. HULOT'S HOLIDAY, to the contemporary, contemplative LOST IN TRANSLATION, the May program focuses on the theme of vacations and travel. Presented in partnership with the Frye Art Museum.

     Opening next Friday - at long last - AMAZING GRACE, the 1972 concert documentary of Aretha Franklin's live recording at the New Temple Missionary Baptist Church in Watts. "Nothing short of a revelation, soaring from one chill-inducing moment to another." -NPR. "Soul-shaking." -LA Times