Rocky’s Review
From the Balcony

It always surprises people when I tell them that I rarely watch movies at my own theaters. But I broke my habit last Friday for the opening of ARRIVAL, a movie I had seen at this year's Telluride Film Festival. It thrilled me upon first viewing, and thrilled me even more the second time around. The movie - based on "Story of Your LIfe" by Ted Chiang - is intriguing, intelligent, and expertly crafted, with a haunting score by Icelandic composer Johann Johanssonn. I'm going to see it a third time.

     Does J.K. Rowling ever disappoint her fans?  Apparently not.  FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM is garnering glowing reviews leading up to the movie's release (and opening at the Rose) this Friday.  I'll be in the balcony again for this one.

     How do you like your Cumberbatch?  As DOCTOR STRANGE or as HAMLET? You have your choice this weekend, as the National Theatre of London't box office smash returns to the Rose this Saturday and Sunday, while up in the Starlight Mr. Cumberbatch continues his derring-do as DOCTOR STRANGE.

     Since we turned people away from the Community Arts Film Series showing of PEGGY GUGGENHEIM: ART ADDICT, I brought the movie back for four more shows in the Starlight this week, but the movie must conclude its engagement this Thursday.  Tickets are selling fast for the next two movies in the series - GERHARD RICHTER PAINTING and EVA HESSE - so don't wait too long to purchase them.

     If you missed the announcement in the Daily News and the Leader, the Rose and Starlight Room recently completed installation of Closed Caption (CC) readers. These new devices (available at the Rose concession or from the Starlight manager), attach to each theater chair and provide individual captions for customers with hearing loss.  Captions are now available at every show, with movies that provide this option.  In addition to the Closed Caption readers, new headsets provide improved sound and an Audio Describer feature, which provides a narrative telling of the movie for people whose sight is impaired. 

     Many of you have been asking if we'll be playing MOONLIGHT.  Absolutely.  It will be opening very soon.

     At the Saturday (11/26) showing of THE LAST WALTZ, there will be a drawing for a copy of "Testimony," the just-released, long-awaited, behind-the-scenes memoir from Robbie Robertson of the Band.

     The Rose and the Starlight Room will be closed Thursday, November 24 for Thanksgiving.  I hope that you enjoy this time with family and friends.