Rocky’s Review
Goldsworthy & Oldman

Gary Oldman and Andy Goldsworthy back-to-back. I would bet any amount of popcorn (with yeast) that Gary Oldman will be nominated for an Academy Award as Best Actor of the Year. There's no way to talk about this year's Best Actor race without discussing the magic trick Oldman pulls off in DARKEST HOUR. Within in seconds of his first appearance in Joe Wright's film - about Winston Churchill's early days in office during a crucial moment in British history - the actor vanishes and all that's left is the character. The transformation goes well beyond prosthetics: It's an essence captured, a cheeky twinkle, a study in self-doubt and the power of self-trust. And it's mesmerizing. DARKEST HOUR opens in the Rosebud Cinema this Friday, and advance tickets are well advised. Sell-outs are to be expected.

     75 INHABITANTS, 20 HOUSES, 300 COWS was to be our January 14th Community Arts Film Series  feature, but I learned this week that the distributor no longer has the rights to the movie. My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause, but I'm equally excited about the movie taking its place. LEANING INTO THE WIND: ANDY GOLDSWORTHY is a new feature that is not being released nationally until March, but the great folks at Magnolia Pictures are letting me present it as a sneak preview in January. I couldn't be more pleased with this turn of events. Director Thomas Riedelsheimer previously collaborated with Goldsworthy on RIVERS AND TIDES: ANDY GOLDSWORTHY WORKING WITH TIME (2001). That movie is beautiful and mesmerizing, and was a huge hit at the Rose. If you purchased a ticket for 75 INHABITANTS, it will be honored at the January 14th screening of LEANING INTO THE WIND. Or if you would prefer a refund, please come to the Rose box office.

     STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI continues sell out, and will be holding over for another week in the Rose Theatre. It concludes its run in the Starlight Room tonight, 12/28. With so many great movies in release right now, I wish that I could say definitively what's coming next, but it's always a last minute juggling act determined by each distributor's release pattern. But it's safe to say that great Oscar contenders will be on our screens for weeks to come. And the always-exciting OSCAR NOMINATED SHORT FILMS will open at the Rose February 16th.