Rocky’s Review
Greta Gerwig

For her directorial debut, Greta Gerwig decided to write something personal and simple: an intimate slice of life centering on the day-to-day travails of a 17-year-old Catholic school girl growing up in suburban Sacramento, California, at the turn of the 21st century. Her first draft of what was then called MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS ran 350 pages. "I tend to overwrite," Gerwig understates. It took Gerwig a couple of years to trim 200 pages from the script - and change the title to LADY BIRD.

"We were like her kids," says Saoirse Ronan of Gerwig's directing style. "What makes a great director is also what makes a great parent - knowing how to discipline their children, but also [letting them] know that they are completely loved."

     "When people ask what I want audiences to take away," says Gerwig, "I tell them, 'I want them to call their moms.'"

     If you see only one film between now and the end of the year, make it LADY BIRD. "'Lady Bird' is bursting with wit, humanity, joy and truth." -AP.  "'Lady Bird' is impossible not to love. A full-blown triumph and totally irresistible." - Rolling Stone. "I loved 'Lady Bird' to the moon and back." -Time Out. "Big screen perfection." -The New York Times

     Today - Tuesday, 11/21 - is your last chance to catch LOVING VINCENT and JANE. THE FLORIDA PROJECT, which sold out most shows in the Starlight Room this past weekend, will be holding over for another week. And DC Comics' JUSTICE LEAGUE moves to the Rosebud Wednesday for one more week. 

     The Rose and Starlight Room will be closed for Thanksgiving, but Friday through Sunday you'll find three showings of each movie. Have a great weekend.