Rocky’s Review
J.J. Abrams, Sally Field and more.

(3.23.16) It has been a justified - and rarely remedied - complaint in Hollywood for decades that when actresses reach a certain age they are not offered many roles. For this reason alone it is great to see Sally Field headlining a new movie. She's spent many years working in television, but this is her first prominent role in a feature since FORREST GUMP and MRS. DOUBTFIRE in the mid-nineties. When she was on stage at the Rose with screenwriter Stewart Stern in 2010 for a screening of SYBIL, she impressed the audience with her intelligence, passion and commitment to her work. Her new film, HELLO, MY NAME IS DORIS opens in the Rose this Friday. And from the comedic to the bone-chilling comes 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE, the latest thriller from the seemingly inexhaustible, fertile mind of J.J. Abrams (LOST, STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS, SUPER 8, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE III, STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS. Check out the stellar reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT wowed people this past weekend and is moving to the Starlight Room for another week beginning this Friday.  There's the story, and then there's the stunning black and white photography, which itself is worth the price of admission.  This Amazonian trek is not to be missed.

Thursday is the last day for RAMS, as well as RACE.  And after 4 weeks we must bid farewell to WHERE TO INVADE NEXT, a truly passionate and powerful piece of filmmaking from the always-entertaining Michael Moore.

And not 1, but 2 productions from the National Theatre of London grace our screens this weekend.  Shakespeare's AS YOU LIKE IT has its final showingSunday at 11:00, and HANGMEN from Martin McDonah (IN BRUGES) plays this Saturday and the following Sunday (4/3), also at 11:00.

And moving from the sublime to the ridiculous - or perhaps the Marxist - only 9 tickets remain for DUCK SOUP and Marx Brothers mayhem tomorrow night in the Starlight at 7:30.

EYE IN THE SKY with Helen Mirren and the late, great Alan Rickman opens nextFriday, April 1st.

See you at the Rose, and the Starlight Room.