Rocky’s Review
Mahler & Mom

Last week I took my mother to Benaroya Hall to hear conductor Gustavo Dudamel and the Los Angeles Philharmonic present Mahler's Ninth Symphony. It was full of hope and fear, and it was the most exciting music (from the largest orchestra) that I've ever heard. But I couldn't stop thinking, "This is so cinematic." I was certain that it was the result of spending too many years in dark rooms watching movies. But some post-symphony research enlightened me. Mahler's influence is found in the scores of STAR WARS, HARRY POTTER and even Leonard Bernstein's WEST SIDE STORY, which is my favorite movie musical.

And speaking of great music, our two showings of THE LAST WALTZ are coming up later this month.  This is the 40th anniversary of that famous Thanksgiving Day concert. P.S. This movie is meant to be played loud.

      But what a line-up we've got for you beginning this Friday, November 11th. ARRIVAL, one of my favorite movies from this year's Telluride Film Festival, opens in the Rose and the Starlight Room.  This is not the typical aliens-arriving-on-earth movie.  It is deep and thoughtful and exciting.  Amy Adams headlines a great cast, and I would guess that she will receive an Academy Award nomination as Best Actress. 

      Deep and thoughtful is also how I would describe Kristen Johnson's one-of-a-kind memoir CAMERAPERSON.  From a celebrated professional life shooting other peoples' movies, Johnson has woven a visual tapestry of her own life, and it is endlessly fascinating.  CAMERAPERSON plays this Saturday and Sunday in the Rosebud.

     And since we turned people away this past weekend from sold out shows of PEGGY GUGGENHEIM: ART ADDICT and ALVIN AILEY AMERICAN DANCE THEATER, both are returning for limited runs this week.  ALVIN AILEY plays Friday through Sunday, and PEGGY GUGGENHEIM plays Monday (11/14) through Thursday (11/17).  Both are in the Starlight Room.

     DOCTOR STRANGE continues for another week, and this weekend we're presenting Terrence Rattigan's acclaimed play THE DEEP BLUE SEA from the National Theatre of London, and starring the great Helen McCrory, as well as BRIGHT STREAM from the Bolshoi Ballet.  

     Departing this Thursday, MISS HOKUSAI, the 25th anniversary restoration of HOWARD'S END, and the wonderful New York story LITTLE MEN.

     Our Starlight Classics Night next Wednesday of CHINATOWN is sold out.

          Jake Gittes: "Mrs. Mulwray, I goddamn near lost my nose.  

          And I like it. I like breathing through it. And I still think you're

          hiding something."