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I hadn't connected the dots, but last week when someone arrived at the Starlight Room for a showing of THE MUSIC OF STRANGERS: YO-YO MA & THE SILK ROAD ENSEMBLE, she said to me that the movie seemed like a perfect response to the violent chaos taking place in our world. I think she was right. It is one response, if only a brief one. Working across the street from the Haller Fountain for 24 years, I have watched countless peaceful demonstrations at that public square. And whether it's a candlelight vigil or a film about musicians from around the world opening their hearts and sharing their stories with us, it's about having a voice and using it. The violence that seems to create headlines every day may be taking place thousands of miles away, but it affects all of us. My heartfelt thanks to Yo-Yo Ma for raising hisvoice, and to the filmmakers who make clear that "to change the world you have to make a little noise."

SONG OF LAHORE joins THE MUSIC OF STRANGERS in the Starlight Room for another week beginning this Friday, July 22nd.  Downstairs in the Rose and Rosebud the hijinks continue; GHOSTBUSTERS and THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS are both playing for another week. True confession: Kate McKinnon of GHOSTBUSTERS cracks me up, and her madcap genius performance keeps the humor rolling.

BRIEF ENCOUNTER, our Classics Feature in the Starlight this Wednesday (7/20) is sold out, but do not delay in getting tickets for François Truffaut's THE 400 BLOWS, our August 10th presentation. Truffaut scholar Ted Walch will be joining us from Los Angeles, both for a pre-show introduction and a Q&A following the film.

And if you missed the incomparable Helen Mirren in THE AUDIENCE when we first presented it, this weekend provides another opportunity. This wonderful play from the National Theatre of London runs Saturday and Sunday at 11:00 a.m.

It's still over a week away, but I am so excited to finally have CAPTAIN FANTASTIC on screen. As always, Vigo Mortenson is great, but the kids truly shine in this original, Northwest family story. "It's a tremendously accomplished and enjoyable film about a singular household." -Wall Street Journal

And finally, tickets for the 2016/2017 Metropolitan Opera season go on sale tomorrow - Wednesday, July 20th - at the box office and at atthree o'clock.


See you at the Rose, and the Starlight Room