Rocky’s Review

A long time ago, but not in a galaxy far, far away, we not only printed and distributed a multi-week movie program around town, but we also mailed it to upwards of a thousand households. Refrigerator doors all over town were happy. And then the internet changed things. But as of this week you can now print your own weekly Rose Theatre and Starlight Room movie schedule, and fill that long vacant spot on your refrigerator door. (See box below Rocky's Review)

     And speaking of reviews, we've got two of the best reviewed movies of the year opening this Friday (11/17), and next Wednesday (11/22). THE FLORIDA PROJECT and LADY BIRD are both worth seeing for what I consider obvious reasons - great storytelling and great acting. But there is another important reason to take note of both movies; THE FLORIDA PROJECT is only the second feature from 46-year old writer/director/editor/cinematographer Sean Baker (the iPhone-shot TANGERINE), and LADY BIRD is the first feature from 34-year-old writer/director/actress Greta Gerwig. These two extraordinarily gifted multi-hyphenates are going to be providing us with hours of great storytelling for years to come. A brief synopsis of each movie is found below. 

     True Confession: I miss the unmistakeable clackity clack and dinging bell of a great manual typewriter, and library card catalogues. EX LIBRIS: THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY - playing through this Thursday - is 87-year-old Frederick Wiseman's excellent tribute to the importance of libraries, and how they evolve in a changing world. Wiseman is the great dean of documentary filmmaking, and New York Times film critic A.O. Scott distills his work beautifully: "Mr. Wiseman is an artist. His shots are carefully composed and painstakingly edited into assemblages that reveal the layers and patterns of experience. His movies are not raw transcripts of reality, but artifacts and representations, at once abstract and laden with content. You can't rush through them because the usual temporal maps are unavailable. You don't know what will happen next, which means that you have to give the totality of your eyes, ears and mind to what is happening right now."

     Also concluding its engagement tomorrow is Ai Weiwei's stunning and popular HUMAN FLOW. JANE and LOVING VINCENT are both holding over through next Tuesday (11/21), and moving to the Rosebud this Friday. DC Comics JUSTICE LEAGUE starring WONDER WOMAN Gal Gadot opens in the Rose Friday in both 2D and 3D.

    BLOW UP (1966), this evening's Starlight Room Classics feature has been sold out for several weeks, but 8 tickets remain for this Saturday's 10:00 p.m., Starlight showing of DIRTY DANCING (1987). 

     "If you see one opera this year, make it 'The Exterminating Angel." That headline from The New York Times perfectly sums up critic reaction to this Metropolitan Opera American premiere. Following the rapturous response to his last opera, THE TEMPEST, Thomas Ades's THE EXTERMINATING ANGEL is inspired by the classic Luis Bunuel fim of the same name. Hailed by The New York Times at its 2016 Salzburg Festival premiere as "audacious and inventive...a major event," this opera is a surreal fantasy about a dinner party from which the guests can't escape. Tom Cairns, who wrote the libretto, directs the new production, and Ades conducts his own adventurous new opera.

     The Rose Theatre and the Starlight Room will be closed for Thanksgiving. There will be early afternoon matinees that following Friday through Sunday. Have a great holiday.