Rocky’s Review
Rider / Rogers

One of my favorite film critics is A.O. Scott of The New York Times, so it is with pleasure that I share with you the opening paragraph of his review of THE RIDER, opening this Friday in the Starlight Room. "There is a special pleasure in observing a thing done well. In several long, crucial scenes in the middle of "The Rider," Chloe Zhao's second feature, we look on as a young man named Brady Blackburn trains horses, including Apollo, a stubborn and high-spirited colt. A rodeo champion recovering from a serious head injury, Brady understand the animals in a way that suggests both long practice and natural intuition. His total absorption in the task at hand, his graceful combination of discipline and talent, his unshowy confidence in his own skills - all of these are signs that we are watching an artist at work. Make that two artists. Ms. Zhao's commitment to her craft - she knows how to take care and when to take risks - matches Brady's. She has an eye for landscape and an acute sensitivity to the nuances of storytelling, a bold exacting vision, that makes "The Rider" exceptional."

     "Cinema, at its best." -Boston Globe. "Absolutely stunning. There's no way that you will ever forget it." -Rolling Stone

     Director Morgan Neville admits that he questioned his initial instinct to make a film about Fred Rogers. "The original seed of the idea came from Yo-Yo Ma, just when I was getting to know him. I wanted to know how he figured out how to be a famous person."

     "He said, 'Mr. Rogers taught me.' I laughed and he said, 'No, really he did. I went on his show when I was young and he mentored me. He recognized I was struggling with fame. And he showed me how I could use fame as a source for positive social change."

     "I started to feel that okay, maybe I'm not crazy thinking there's something to be said about Fred Rogers," Neville continues."Here's this voice saying things that I don't hear anymore. He was an empathetic adult with no other agenda. It's a voice we're missing today."

     "The most radical thing about Fred Rogers was his unwavering commitment to the value of kindness in the face of the world that could seem intent on devising new ways to be mean. 'Let's make the most of this beautiful day' he would sing at the start of each episode. He made it sound so simple, but also as if he knew just how hard it could be." - Morgan Neville

     "A balm of kindness and empathy." -Entertainment Weekly. "This is what we need right night." -IndieWire

     RBG is holding over for its 8th week - likely the longest I have ever played a documentary. The film is that rare exception that connects deeply with a people.

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     Coming Soon - LEAVE NO TRACE - from Debra Granik, director of WINTER'S BONE. Ms. Granik's new film is wonderful.