Rocky’s Review
Steampunk Animation, Walken, Berlin Phil and more.

I would probably play any movie featuring Christopher Walken, even if he wasn'tdancing in it. The guy is cool. Fortunately THE FAMILY FANG - with or without dancing - is garnering especially good reviews for Walken and actor and director Jason Bateman. It's based on the 2011 best-selling novel by Kevin Wilson, and at the time of publication, Kirkus Reviews said, "The subtlety of the comedy is flawless, channeling the filmmaking of Wes Anderson or Rian Johnson. A fantastic first novel that asks if the kids are alright, finding answers in the most unexpected places." And speaking of kids, and the kid in all of us, APRIL AND THE EXTRAORDINARY WORLD is extraordinary. Really, when was the last time that you saw a French, animated, steampunk, sci-fi adventure at the Rose? Never! And since it may never happen again, do not miss this rare opportunity. It's based on the work of renowned graphic novelist Jacques Tardi and is about a family of scientists on the brink of discovering a powerful longevity serum. Their young daughter April is voiced by Marion Cotillard. And that's a winning combination.

And as long as we're in Paris, I invite you to see MARGUERITE, a delightful film inspired by the real-life story of American opera singer Florence Foster Jenkins, who had far more passion for singing than actual talent. "She opens her mouth, and out comes - well, a random collection of notes, seemingly shoved out of her throat, each one capable of peeling paint off the elegant walls." (Moira Macdonald,Seattle Times).

MY GOLDEN DAYS and THE JUNGLE BOOK depart this Thursday, and CAPTAIN AMERICA & Co. holds over for another week of super hero action. 

The Berlin Philharmonic fills the Rose with their beautiful music this Sunday atnoon. And if you're a Level 3, 4 or 5 member of the Rose, your special screening isthis Saturday in the Starlight Room at 12:15. 

It's still two weeks away, but tickets are selling fast for ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN, our May Classics Feature in the Starlight.     


See you at the Rose, and the Starlight Room