Rocky’s Review
The Shape of Water

THE SHAPE OF WATER is the most unusual and the most enchanting love story I've ever seen. It is also my favorite narrative film of the year; and Sally Hawkins is mesmerizing. Writer-director Guillermo del Toro was 7-years-old when he first saw CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON. To this day, he remembers watching actress Julie Adams splash and twirl in the waters just above the Gill-man, believing they had fallen in love. "That was one of the first times I knew that as a person, art could move you," del Toro says. "It was very strange, but it encapsulated the tender balance of the beautiful and the different that I love." "A fairy tale that submerges you in the fantastical realm of the director's imagination." -AP. "Altogether wonderful." -The New York Times. THE SHAPE OF WATER opens in the Rose Theatre this Friday.

     Even before the Golden Globes, THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING, MISSOURI was selling out every show in the Starlight Room. And now, having picked up 4 Golden Globes, including Best Picture (drama), demand for tickets is unlikely to change. It moves from the Starlight to the Rosebud Cinema this Friday. And DARKEST HOUR moves upstairs to the Starlight. 

     LEANING INTO THE WIND: ANDY GOLDSWORTHY is sold out for this Sunday. Tickets are available for YOUNG MARX from the National Theatre of London, which plays Saturday at 11:00 a.m, and the following Sunday (1/21) at the same hour. And MOONSTRUCK has been confirmed for our Valentine's Day event in the Starlight. Alison of the Silverwater promises that the Starlight menu that evening will include some wonderful Italian specialties. Tickets are now on sale. Tickets are still available for our January Starlight Classics Night - SUNSET BOULEVARD, 1/17.

     NEW PROGRAM. I am very pleased to announce a new program beginning February 6th at the Rose, in partnership with the Frye Art Museum in Seattle. MEET ME AT THE MOVIES is a free, unique film experience designed for people with memory loss and their care partners. Theme-based clips from classic and contemporary films are shown, followed by a discussion, facilitated by Mary Jane Knecht, Manager of Creative Aging Programs at the Frye.

     Now in its fourth year, MEET ME AT THE MOVIES begins the 2018 season with the theme of exploration. Journey from the deserts of LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, to the reaches of space in THE RIGHT STUFF, and back to Earth's oceans with Syliva Earle's MISSION BLUE. 

     MEET ME AT THE MOVIES takes place on Tuesdays at 1:00: Feb. 9, May 22, Aug. 21, Nov. 13. Free tickets available only at the box office.