Rocky’s Review
Wild Flowers

Congratulations and free popcorn to the creative mind behind the truly original PLANT ME! promotion for CAPTAIN FANTASTIC. In twenty-four years of selling movies I've never seen anything as unique. These oversized postcards are embedded with annual and perennial wildflower seeds. Just plant under a thin layer of soil and water daily until seedlings are well established. These are FREE and for you. Just ask for one at the concession. P.S. CAPTAIN FANTASTIC is a Port Townsend hit and will be holding over for another week in the Rosebud. Equally beloved and delighting audiences is HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE, but sadly, this funny and touching film from New Zealand plays its last show this Thursday in the Starlight at 7:15. JASON BOURNE moves to the Starlight on Friday (except for the Wednesday, August 10th show at 7:30, which will play in the Rosebud).

True confession: the only comic books I read as a kid were ARCHIE and POPEYE, which by yesterday's standards, might have been considered heroes but not superheroes.  So I'm not a great judge of superhero movies, but I couldn't resist the style and kinetic energy of SUICIDE SQUAD, writer-director David Ayer's action adventure movie about a secret government agency that recruits super villains to execute dangerous missions in exchange for clemency. Wildly colorful, and at 130 minutes and in 3D (in the evenings), this definitely qualifies as a summer popcorn flick. 

A true classic for Classics Night in the Starlight: François Truffaut's THE 400 BLOWS lights up the screen next Wednesday night August 10th - and it sold out in record time. Truffaut scholar Ted Walch is visiting from Los Angeles and will be providing the introduction and leading the post-film Q&A. (If there's an older film that you'd like to see me play as part of our once-a-month Classics Night, please email me with your request at


See you at the Rose, and the Starlight Room