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Bulgaria's submission to the 2020 Academny Awards!

In a yurt on the snow-covered fields of the North, Nanook and Sedna live following the traditions of their ancestors. Alone in the wilderness, they look like the last people on Earth.

Nanook and Sedna's traditional way of life starts changing – slowly, but inevitably. Hunting becomes more and more difficult, the animals around them die from inexplicable causes, and the ice has been melting earlier every year.

Chena, who visits them regularly, is their only connection to the outside world – and to their daughter Ága, who left the icy tundra long ago due to a family feud.

When Sedna's health deteriorates, Nanook decides to fulfil her wish. He embarks on a long journey in order to find Ága.

NR, 96 min.

"This is a world rarely evoked in the cinema, and it's well worth a visit to the cinema to see Aga if only to experience the emotional conclusion of this beautiful, hypnotic film." - The Australian

“Director Milko Lazarov and his cinematographer Kaloyan Bozhilov never cease to amaze.” – Screen Daily

“4 Stars! An elegant cinematic experience that transports the audience to another time, to an atavistic way of life. The mystifying climax is both heart-wrenching and head-scratching.” – The Upcoming

"Milko Lazarov's Ága is a gorgeous rumination on a culture that's slowly fading into obsolescence." - Film Inquiry

"The screenplay's simplicity is enriched by memorable images whose stillness adds to the overall aura of a period coming to an end." - Variety

"Visually stunning portrait of the spiritual struggles of indigenous people to survive." - Spirituality and Practice

"An exquisitely shot and very moving film about an ageing couple who appear to exist alone on the edge of the world, stoically surviving on the icy tundra in a way of life that may be about to end." - Screen International