Ballet Now

Ballet Now


Playing in the Rose Theatre or Rosebud Cinema
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Sun, 3/10 7:30
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Dance on Camera Tour

Dir. Steven Cantor, USA, 2018, 75 min.

BALLET NOW provides a rare, unfiltered glimpse into what it takes to create a one-of-a-kind dance extravaganza. Tiler Peck, New York City Ballet’s Prima Ballerina, is the first woman to be asked to curate LA Music Center’s famed BalletNOW program. With dancers from around the globe, Tiler executes a groundbreaking vision that brings together tap, hip-hop, ballet and even clown artistry, while simultaneously producing, directing and dancing in multiple pieces. 

Preceded by: TIMECODE*
Dir. Juanjo Gimenez, Spain, 2016, 15 min., in Spanish
Luna and Diego are parking lot security guards. Diego does the midnight shift, and Luna works by day. Palme d’Or for Best Short Film at the 69 th Festival de Cannes;
Academy Award Nominee for Best Live Action Short Film.

Dance Series Pass: $95 
Tickets: $12: GRAVITY HERO $18

*Not part of Dance on Camera Festival Tour 46.