Rose Theatre

Don't Blink - Robert Frank

Don't Blink - Robert Frank

Rose Theatre or Rosebud Theatre Playing in the Rose Theatre or Rosebud Cinema
Sun, 4/8 12:00
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Community Arts Film Series

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The life and work of Robert Frank - as a photographer and filmmaker - are so intertwined that they’re one in the same, and the vast amount of territory he’s covered, from The Americans to landmark films like PULL MY DAISY (with the Beats) and COCKSUCKER BLUES (with the Rolling Stones) is intimately registered in his now formidable body of artistic gestures. DON’T BLINK is a fast and fleeting impressionistic imprint of the life of the Swiss-born man who reinvented himself the American way, and is still standing on ground of his own making at the age of 90.

82 min.