Double Bill: Suspense & Hypocrites

Double Bill: Suspense & Hypocrites


Playing in the Rose Theatre
Date Time
Sat, 9/29 4:30

Part of our Pioneers: First Women Filmmakers series.
In the Wild West days of early filmmaking—before Hollywood hardened into an assembly-line behemoth and boys’ club—talented women worked regularly as writers, producers, and directors, instrumental in shaping the very language of cinema as we know it. Nevertheless, figures like Alice Guy Blaché and Lois Weber are known today primarily by aficionados, and artists like Nell Shipman, Grace Cunard, and Marion E. Wong remain woefully obscure. Bringing together dozens of essential new restorations, this series spotlights the daring, innovative, and trailblazing work of the first female filmmakers and restores their centrality to the creation of cinema itself.


Dirs. Lois Weber & Phillips Smalley / 1913 / 11 min.
Recorded music by Skylar Nam and Berklee Silent Film Orchestra

This one-reel thriller – about a menaced mother and child – displays Weber’s dazzling formal mastery, including film history’s first split-screen. Film theorist Tom Gunning wrote: “No film made WWI show a stronger command of film style.”

Directed by Lois Weber / 1915 / 52 min.
Recorded music by Ben Model

Weber courted controversy with the provocative exploration of sham religious piety in which moral hypocrisy is exposed by the Naked Truth – portrayed literally by a nude actress.