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Ebb and Flow - Rose Theatre
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Ebb and Flow - Rose Theatre

Rose Theatre or Rosebud Theatre Playing in the Rose Theatre or Rosebud Cinema
Sun, 4/22 12:00
"What an amazing story! It was done with such honesty, sensitivity, and heart! I urge EVERYONE to see this important film." — Rosie Ethel Zwanziger – Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe Elder

Read about EBB AND FLOW in the Leader HERE.

EBB AND FLOW chronicles the life story of a Japanese family and how they helped save the Pacific NW shellfish industry from complete collapse in the 1930s with the Japanese (Pacific) Oyster. Today this immigrant oyster is considered the premier oyster by top chefs, makes up the largest shellfish industry in the US, grown from Alaska to Baja (extensively locally), and helping in recovery efforts of the native Olympia oysters. This story is an inspiring one and, at the same time, a cautionary tale about how a society can turn against its immigrants in challenging times - as relevant today as ever. Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe will be presenting about their experience growing Pacific oysters featured in the film.

Listen to an NPR feature HERE, recently aired nationally on Here and Now.

The filmmakers Solomon & Cornwell are hosting a unique post-screening party at the Port Townsend Vineyard.  Admission to the party after event can be purchased separately at this link ( Enjoy fresh raw Pacific oysters (as seen in the movie from JSK Tribe), try local cheeses (Mt. Townsend & Willapa), artisan bread (Pane d’Amore), chocolates (Elevated Ice Cream) and wash it all down with wine from P.T. Vineyards.  Proceeds help Leaping Frog Films to continue their quest to tell socially responsible environmental films. 


“Ebb and Flow is a heartfelt portrait of an extraordinary man, a pioneering oyster farmer and a devoted parent.  It’s a multi-generational tale that pays tribute to the toilers of the intertidal— whose efforts benefit everyone who loves shellfish or values clean water and the well-being of Puget Sound.” - David George Gordon, Author, Heaven on the Half Shell

"Ebb and Flow is truly a remarkable story represented through historical photos, father-son interviews, and PNW shellfish industry highlights.   Watching Jerry Yamashita slurp oysters on the beach, in a prominent Seattle restaurant, and hot off the grill is mouth watering.  If the historical significance of his Japanese-American roots doesn't bring a tear to your eyes, the loving memories and appreciations shared by his fellow oyster growers certainly will." - Debi Beagle, Frye Cove Oyster Farms

"Ebb and Flow is about making Lemonade out of Lemons!  I was engaged from the moment it started to its sensitive and sticking ending. A must see for all ages!" -  Sylvia Domoto, Camano Island

"What an epic fim!" - Kris Barton - Shellfish Farmer

“Ebb and Flow”... is the finest documentary on the story of a Japanese-American family I have seen to date." - David Yamaguchi, North American Post Newspaper

"Outwardly Ebb and Flow is about the life and times of an oyster grower.  But it is so much more! It is a story about a man with soft voice and an iron will.  Jerry Yamashita is a Japanese American who is descended from Samurai stock.  This film depicts a family with a tradition of hard work and overcoming adversity. The story underscores the concept of knowing when your are right, then going ahead and sticking to your convictions. Fighting the good fight and never giving in whether the challenge comes from racial prejudice/environmental challenges or financial difficulty. It is a story of a unique version of the American Dream and a film that is both moving and instructive. I highly recommend you see Ebb and Flow!" - Hal Beattie

"'Ebb and Flow' is a uniquely personal history of the Yamashita family, Puget Sound, and the vital influence individuals can have on the ecosystem and economy of a region over the course of a century.  By capturing the story of the Elder Yamashita relating to his son the family history of shell fish farming, the family history in the Japanese-American experience in Washington State, and his own deep love for the pacific oyster, “Ebb and Flow” presents its audience with the ability to join that experience with emotion and candor.  Having grown up in the areas of the Sound from which this documentary is grown, I find my own history and culture richer for the experience of having viewed this film." - Assistant attorney to governor Jay Inslee, Tom Graham