Gravity Hero - West Coast Premier

Gravity Hero - West Coast Premier


Playing in the Rose Theatre or Rosebud Cinema
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Sat, 3/9 8:00
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Dance on Camera Tour

Q&A with director/choreographer Trey McIntyre following the film!

In 2014, after ten years of building his dance company in Boise, Idaho, to great acclaim, Trey McIntyre shut it down. Its sudden and mysterious end is the backdrop of McIntyre’s introspective documentary, which explores themes of creativity, loss, and transformation embodied in the dances choreographed during the company’s life. Excerpts from some of his best known pieces include “Ma Maison,” inspired by his encounters with the New Orleans Preservation Jazz Band; “Mercury Half Life,” set to the music of Queen; and the elegiac “Bad Winter.” McIntyre displays a remarkable ability to create work both idiosyncratic and accessible.
Dir. Trey McIntyre, USA, 2018, 70 min.

Preceded by IMPETU'S: FLAMENCO'S DRIVING FORCE (short film)
Dir. Lulo Rivero, USA, 2017, 5 min.
Jesus Carmona tells a story with his own brand of flamenco, filmed in various Miami locations.

Dance Series Pass: $95 
Tickets: $12; GRAVITY HERO: $18