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An aging jockey (Clifton Collins Jr.), hopes to win one last title for his longtime trainer (Molly Parker), who has acquired what appears to be a championship horse. But the years – and injuries – have taken a toll on his body, throwing into question his ability to continue his lifelong passion. And the arrival of a young rookie rider (Moises Arias), who claims to be his son, and whom he takes under his wing, further complicates the path to fulfilling his dream.

R, 94 min.

Winner - Best Actor, Clifton Collins Jr, Sundance Film Festival

"Bentley's intimate character study shows a man coming to terms with his vulnerability, resting on a career-best performance from Clifton Collins Jr, who navigates the role of athlete and father with subtle but striking conviction." - Little White Lies

"Somewhere between swagger and selflessness, win and lose, Jockey takes the home stretch." - Hollywood Reporter