Language Lessons

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Language Lessons


Playing in the Rosebud Cinema
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Thu 10/14 7:00
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When Adam's (Mark Duplass) husband surprises him with weekly Spanish lessons, he's unsure about where or how this new element will fit into his already structured life. But when tragedy strikes, his Spanish teacher, Cariño (Natalie Morales), becomes a lifeline he didn't know he needed. Adam develops an unexpected and complicated emotional bond with Cariño--but do you really know someone just because you've experienced a traumatic moment with them? Bittersweet, honest, and at times darkly funny, LANGUAGE LESSONS is a disarmingly moving exploration of platonic love.

NR, 91 min.

"Funny and heartwarming, LANGUAGE LESSONS is a balm for the soul" - CultureMap

"Entertaining and poignant, this collaborative bilingual dramedy benefits from Morales and Duplass' platonic chemistry." - Common Sense Media

"Every viewer will recognize something of their own friendships in the journey Adam and Cariño take together." - AWFJ Women on Film

“This film is like a big warm hug of pure, perfect goodness that we all so need right now.” - First Showing