Le Cercle Rouge

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Starlight Room - (21+ Venue, ID required)
Le Cercle Rouge

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Playing in the Starlight Room · 21+ Venue
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Wed, 3/4 7:30

You can't get more deliciously noir than this French 1970 classic! We promise trenchcoats, dark alleys and plenty of glowing Galoises. Four men, including a recently-released criminal (Alain Delon) and an alcoholic ex-cop (Yves Montand), come together to execute a meticulously planned jewel heist. 140 min.

From Roger Ebert's original review: "Gliding almost without speech down the dawn streets of a wet Paris winter, these men in trench coats and fedoras perform a ballet of crime, hoping to win and fearing to die. Some are cops and some are robbers. To smoke for them is as natural as breathing. They use guns, lies, clout, greed and nerve with the skill of a magician who no longer even thinks about the cards. They share a code of honor which is not about what side of the law they are on, but about how a man must behave to win the respect of those few others who understand the code."

"Melville's special achievement was to relocate the American gangster film in France, and to incorporate his own steely poetic and philosophical obsessions." - Time Out

"One well-choreographed, beautifully shot and definitely cool cops-and-robbers film." - Miami Herald

"The director's penultimate work." - Boston Globe

"A slo-mo gem of gangster cool." - Philadelphia Inquirer

"A glistening gem among caper movies." - Christian Science Monitor