Oscar Nominated Shorts - Animation

Rose Theatre - Ends Thursday 2/6
Oscar Nominated Shorts - Animation


Playing in the Rose Theatre
Date Time
Thu, 2/6 7:30

This year's Oscar nominated animated short films! A variety of wonderfully illustrated movies. 

Rated PG-13. The themes tackled in this year’s Animated program are heavy – the death of a parent, Alzheimer’s, China’s one child policy, and more. Most of these shorts will not appeal to children under 12. The films are all very engaging, but adult audiences will appreciate them much more than kids.

Czech Republic, 15 min.
In a hospital room, a daughter recalls a childhood moment when as a little girl she tried to share her experience with an injured bird with her father. A moment of misunderstanding and a lost embrace has stretched into many years all the way to this hospital room, until the moment when a window pane breaks under the impact of a little bird.

USA, 7 min.
A heartfelt animated short film that centers around the relationship between an African-American father, his daughter Zuri, and the most daunting task a father could ever come across - doing his daughter’s hair for the first time.

USA, 9 min.
Reveals an unlikely connection that sparks between two creatures: a fiercely independent stray kitten and a pit bull. Together, they experience friendship for the first time.

France, 12 min.
Recently, Louis, a painter, is experiencing strange events. His world seems to be mutating. Slowly, furniture, objects and people lose their realism. They are destructuring, sometimes disintegrating...

China, 8 min.
A man thinks back to his childhood memories of growing up with an annoying little sister in China in the 1990s. What would his life have been like if things had gone differently?

Plus a selection of additional annimated shorts:

HENRIETTA BULKOWSKI – USA, 16 min. (featuring the voices of Chris Cooper and Ann Dowd!)

THE BIRD AND THE WHALE – Ireland, 6 min.

HORS PISTE – France, 5 min.

MAESTRO – France, 2 min.