Pain and Glory

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Pain and Glory


Playing in the Starlight Room · 21+ Venue
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Thu, 11/21 7:15
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Indiwire review: "The Spanish auteur’s finest film in years, Pedro Almodóvar’s PAIN AND GLORY is also his most personal, a colorful vivisection of the director’s life and work, his regrets and achievements. No doubt playing a version of the Academy Award-winning director himself, Antonio Banderas stars as Salvador Mallo, a film director in creative crisis who begins experimenting with drugs in the lead-up to a local career retrospective of his work. Banderas won the 2019 Best Actor prize at the Cannes Film Festival for his portrayal, which is the Spanish actor’s most sensitive performance in many years. With the Cannes prize under his belt, Banderas has a strong shot at his first Oscar nomination ever, especially since this is one of Almodóvar’s more accessible efforts.

PAIN AND GLORY features several breakouts in the cast, including Asier Etxeandia as Alberto, Salvador’s former onscreen muse who’s now a high-functioning heroin addict. Dreamy newcomer César Vicente plays the beguiling laborer Eduardo, who inspired Salvador’s sexual awakening as a child, as revealed in poignant, sexy flashbacks carefully stitched by Almodóvar’s editor Teresa Font. Penélope Cruz co-stars as the young Salvador’s mother. PAIN AND GLORY features another achingly lovely score from Alberto Iglesias, who won Best Composer at Cannes, and pop-colored cinematography from Almodóvar’s trusted collaborator José Luis Alcaine."

R, 113 min.

"The artful symmetry is an Almodovar hallmark, and his cinematic memento is filled with the intimate, indelible moments that made a life. You can feel his passion for cinema in every frame." - Rolling Stone

"PAIN AND GLORY has been crafted with a meticulous painter's eye as Almodovar revisits familiar grand themes of love, desire, death, forgiveness and reconciliation." - Firstpost

"Pedro Almodóvar's sublime PAIN AND GLORY is a semiautobiographical tale, warts and all, of a life lived. It's also a star vehicle for Antonio Banderas." - New York Post