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Thu, 9/23 7:30
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Rob is a former Portland-based chef turned reclusive and asocial truffle forager. Living alone in a cabin deep in the Oregon forests, he hunts for truffles with the help of his prized foraging pig. He sells the truffles to Amir, a young and inexperienced supplier of luxury ingredients to high-end restaurants. After Rob gets assaulted one night, he must return to his past in Portland in search of his beloved pig after she is kidnapped. R, 92 min.

"Anyone who's been keeping faith with Nicolas Cage, through all his career's snaking cul-de-sacs and mad escapades, has a tremendous reward in store when they sit down to Pig." - Daily Telegraph

"An outstanding debut. Pair with wine and someone you love." - Little White Lies

"Quiet, unforced and delicate, Pig provides a forum for Nicolas Cage, one of our most dazzling showmen, to get serious and burrow more deeply into his talent than he has in years." - Empire Magazine

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