Room at the Top - Starlight Classics Night

Room at the Top - Starlight Classics Night

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Playing in the Starlight Room · 21+ Venue
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Wed, 3/6 7:30
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Winner of 2 Academy Awards – Best Actress, Best Screenplay

Starring Simone Signoret and Laurence Harvey

(1959) New-in-town, working-class born and bred Laurence Harvey sets his sights way high – on Heather Sears, daughter of the gloweringly formidable boss, Donald Wolfit – and her social stratosphere – but finds himself diverted by the more mature and sensuous Simone Signoret, in an Academy Award-winning performance, with another one going to Neil Paterson for his adaptation of the steamy John Braine novel. Hermione Baddeley (an ex-lover of Harvey’s) as Elspeth earned the record for shortest Oscar-nominated performance in history (2 minutes, 32 seconds). Approx. 115 min.

“The most significant British feature of the Fifties.”Georges Sadoul

“Brief Encounter, 50s style.” – Time Out (London)

“[Its characters] connive, commit adultery like recognizable (and not altogether unlikable) human beings. And the effect is startling. One feels that a whole new chapter is about to be written in motion picture history.”Arthur Knight

“At last someone in a British film actually admitted that sex was enjoyable.”George Perry

“Acclaimed as the first British film to treat sex seriously and as one of the first to show the North of England as it 'really was'.” – Time Out (London)

“Permanently altered the social content of British cinema.”Roy Sherwood

“The cynical, disenchanted and footloose post-war youths of England, who justifiably have been termed ‘angry,’ have never been put into sharper focus.”A.H. Weiler, The New York Times