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Showing Up


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Thu, 6/1 4:00
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Lizzy (Michelle Williams) struggles to put the finishing touches on her latest pieces for a gallery show, all the while juggling admin work at the local art school; dealing with the neglect of her well-meaning landlord (a funny and nuanced Hong Chau) – who also happens to be a rising-star conceptual artist – and tending to the emotional well being of her increasingly fragmented family.

Christopher Blauvelt's patient camerawork, director Kelly Reichardt's precise cutting, and Williams' physically transformative performance coalesce to create something remarkable in SHOWING UP, a delicately humorous drama about creative people that somehow avoids the average clichés that plague films about artists. The Starlight Room has only 40 seats; advance tickets recommended.

R, 1h 48m.

"As with Lizzy's sculptures, which go into the kiln all mottled and damp but come out glistening with new layers of color, SHOWING UP is transformed by its finishing touches. The pieces that emerge are warm and alive." – indieWire

"While Reichardt does certainly poke some light fun at a version of her own milieu, there is also a deep, if gently stated, affection for these spaces and all they allow." – Vanity Fair

"Overflowing with gentle humor and heart." – Hollywood Reporter

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