Sidney Lumet Series: Running on Empty - Starlight Room

Sidney Lumet Series: Running on Empty - Starlight Room


Playing in the Starlight Room · 21+ Venue
Date Time
Sun, 3/31 12:00

Film scholar and educator Ted Walch presents the films of Sidney Lumet.

Mr. Walch's film series are a perennial favorite in the Starlight Room. He returns to celebrate the work of Sidney Lumet.  Beginning with Lumet’s inaugural masterpiece 12 ANGRY MEN, Walch will turn to Lumet’s greatest achievement, NETWORK, and he will conclude with his favorite, the unsung RUNNING ON EMPTY.  In each instance Lumet, who despised the word auteur, honors the work of the writer — Reginald Rose for 12 ANGRY MEN, Paddy Chayevsky for NETWORK, and Naomi Foner for RUNNING ON EMPTY.  Each film suits its style to the story and not the story to the style.  Each film is a sublime collaboration by a deeply professional director who always took charge by taking a back seat.

RUNNING ON EMPTY (1988): Arthur Pope (Judd Hirsch) and his wife, Annie (Christine Lahti), are fugitives, perpetually on the run from federal authorities due to their antiwar activity during the 1960s. The couple moves around the country with their two sons -- young Harry (Jonas Abry) and his older teenage brother, Danny (River Phoenix). On the verge of adulthood, Danny longs to set out on his own and live a more stable life, but he knows this could mean permanent separation from his family. PG-13, 116 min.

Other films in this series:
12 ANGRY MEN (1957)
Saturday, March 30, 11:00 a.m.

NETWORK (1976)
Saturday, March 30, 3:15 p.m.

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