Rose Theatre

Summer 1993 - Rosebud Cinema - Ends Thursday 7/19

Summer 1993 - Rosebud Cinema - Ends Thursday 7/19

Rose Theatre or Rosebud Theatre Playing in the Rose Theatre or Rosebud Cinema
Thu 7/19 4:00
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"Five Stars! Gorgeous. A stunning debut." — Total Film

One of 2018's most awarded and acclaimed films (achieving ar are 100% positive rating by over 60 international critics), Carla Simon's autobiographical debut is an evocative and profoundly affecting depiction of childhood and family lost and found, marking the arrival of a major new voice in cinema.

In the summer of 1993, following the death of her parents, six-year-old Frida is forced from bustling Barcelona to the Catalan provinces to live with her aunt and uncle, her new legal guardians. Country life is a challenge: aside from the emotional upheavel, the nature that surrounds her is mysterious, if not dangerous. The couple's own daughter Anna, even younger than Frida, welcomes her new sister with open arms and without a flicker of jealousy, but Frida has a hard time coping with her emotions. Even as the new family begins to find a fragile balance, the source of her parents' passing casts a shadow over how Frida is treated by the local community...Indeed, her life will never be the same.

"Critics' Pick! Movingly understate and beautifully acted." - New York Times

"Arresting. An extraordinary and beautiful work of grief and memory. As tactile as the sting of a sunburn." -Village Voice

"A delicately crafted, moving filmic memoir. True and captivating." -The Hollywood Reporter

"A film that movingly looks at an orphaned six-year-old's loneliness and confusion without the usual dip into sentimentality." -Variety

"Gentle and poetic. A uniquely vivid and evocative kind of storytelling. This is a memorable look at our desire to love and feel safe, to connect and belong--and the unexpected ways in which families can reshape and grow." - Los Angeles Times

"Magic. One of the most memorable debuts in recent years. Feels like a moving letter written by an adult to a much younger self. A film of jaw-dropping and gripping beauty." - The Film Stage

"Astonishing. One of the most profound depictions of childhood ever brought to screen." - The Music