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“He’d kill us if he had the chance.” 

Loner audience surveillance expert Gene Hackman’s masterpiece: bugging a couple (Frederic Forrest and Laverne & Shirley’s Cindy Williams) in San Francisco’s teeming Union Square. But what was it for?  Hackman’s Harry Caul is a brooding, paranoid recluse, living alone in an empty apartment, where he plays saxophone to jazz records and broods over deaths he presumably caused in the past. But what did that sentence mean? And as he keeps tinkering with recordings, he gets bugged himself, his tapes are stolen, his landlord effortlessly penetrates his security to leave a note – and then, to his horror, he figures it out. Francis Ford Coppola’s “personal” follow-up to his mega-blockbuster THE GODFATHER was Oscar-nominated for Best Picture – the same year as THE GODFATHER PART II. With John Cazale (Fredo of the GODFATHER films) as Harry’s dim-witted assistant and soon-to-be-stars Teri Garr and Harrison Ford. Edited by the legendary Walter Murch. 113 min.

“Devastatingly brilliant." - Time Out

“A triumph...gritty, complex, idiosyncratic. Remarkably ambitious and serious – a Hitchcockian thriller, a first-rate psychological portrait of a distinctive modern villain, and a bitter attack on American business values… all in one movie.” - David Denby

"A gripping masterpiece." - The Guardian

“When it premiered, the movie’s technological tricks and sleek corporate backdrop evoked Watergate. Thanks to Walter Murch’s keen, intuitive sound montage and Hackman’s clammy, subtle performance, captures a more elusive and universal fear—that of losing the power to respond, emotionally and morally, to the evidence of one’s own senses.” - The New Yorker

“Harry ranks with Willy Loman in DEATH OF A SALESMAN or the pathetic captives of the middle class in John Cassevetes’ FACES.” - Roger Ebert