The Dark Divide

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The Dark Divide


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It’s 1995. Nature writer Robert Pyle (David Cross) is struggling to finish his next book…and help his wife Thea (Debra Messing) navigate a relapse of her ovarian cancer. Thea never stops pushing her husband to be a better man, take control of his life, get out of the classroom and into the forests he loves to write about but seldom visits. Not until after Thea dies does Pyle finally, reluctantly accept her challenge — spending a month hiking across Washington’s Gifford Pinchot National Forest in search of new species of butterflies. As he overcomes each hurdle, this shy academic finds a new appreciation for Thea, and an understanding of how much she brought to his life. Equal parts Jack London, Henry David Thoreau, and H.P. Lovecraft, Pyle’s true-life journey leads him to discover a few things about himself, and a lot about the need for wilderness in our lives. With David Koechner, Cameron Esposito, Gary Farmer and Drive-By Truckers’ Patterson Hood. Music by The Avett Brothers, Giants in the Trees featuring Krist Novoselić, The National Reserve, Samantha Crane, Bombadil, and more. NR, 107 min.

"THE DARK DIVIDE provides a healing adventure filled with humor but more importantly, a poignant resiliency which nature provides for all mankind." Reel Honest Reviews