The Ghost of Peter Sellers

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The Ghost of Peter Sellers


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The tale of director Peter Medak's ill-fated Hollywood 17th Century pirate comedy (as told by Medak) shot in Cyprus starring Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan in 1973: the making of that film, and what happened behind the scenes, most of which was more outrageous and funnier than the actual movie itself.

From a bounty of well-documented tales and incidents that occurred during production, ranging from the bizarre to the hysterical and the devilish to the heart-breaking, THE GHOST OF PETER SELLERS documents how the $2 million production for Columbia Pictures became a nightmare for all involved, often mirroring the farcical nature of the film itself.

"Beautifully allows the guilt-ridden director to exorcise his demons; against himself, against Sellers and against the film itself, within this surprisingly eloquent contemplation of a well-intentioned misfire." - Film Inquiry