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The Party - Starlight Room - Ends Thursday 3/29 The Party - Starlight Room - Ends Thursday 3/29

The Party - Starlight Room - Ends Thursday 3/29

Starlight Room Playing in the Starlight Room · 21+ Venue
Thu, 3/29 4:15, 6:45
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"Potter’s wicked drawing-room farce had the audience howling with laughter, and who knew that she could be a writer of Wildean quips, pricking the pomposity and insincerity of every member of the ensemble cast?” — The Times

Directed by Sally Potter.

A comedy wrapped around a tragedy unfolds in real time in a house in London in the present day. Janet is hosting an intimate gathering of friends to celebrate her promotion to Shadow Minister of Health in the party of opposition. Her husband, Bill, seems preoccupied. As their friends arrive, some of whom have their own dramatic news to share, the soirée gradually unravels. An announcement by Bill provokes a series of revelations that rapidly escalate into all-out confrontation. As people’s illusions about themselves and each other go up in smoke, along with the canapes, THE PARTY becomes a night that began with champagne but ends with blood on the floor.

Starring Kristin Scott Thomas, Patricia Clarkson, Cherry Jones, Emily Mortimer, Timothy Spall, Cillian Murphy and Bruno Ganz.

“A deliciously heightened, caviar-black comedy that sets up its brittle, bourgeois characters like bowling pins and gleefully knocks them down in 71 minutes flat.” - Variety

“Full of cheeky narrative twists and delightful surface details. Alexey Rodionov’s sumptuous black-and-white photography reinforces the sense of classic ingredients repackaged in a contemporary context.” - Hollywood Reporter

“Observant and smart…. It plays out in real time with elegance and dispatch, cantering up to a cheeky punchline twist which leaves you laughing over the final credits.”Guardian

"Joyous, fun and immensely intelligent. You couldn’t ask for more” - Fotogramas

“Magnificent work with a precise screenplay, shining dialogues and characters with unusual depth.” - La Luna de Metrópoli 

"Sally Potter's new movie "The Party" is a wonderful blend of ancient drama and farce, where the star ensemble sparkles." - Svenska Dagbladet

"Seven expert actors deliver their best in this great cineast’s stroke of genius." - Luzerner Zeitung