West Side Story

Rose Theatre
West Side Story

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Playing in the Rose Theatre
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Sat, 12/7 11:30
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From 1961, this has long been considered one of the most explosive movie musicals of all time. With songs by Stephen Sondheim, a score by Leonard Bernstein and unforgettable choreography by Jerome Robbins, this updated Romeo and Juliet tale takes place on the hot summer streets of Manhattan. Featuring the songs "Tonight", "Something's Coming", "I Feel Pretty", "Jet Song", "Maria" and "Gee, Officer Krupke." With standout performances by Natalie Wood, Rita Morena (continuing the role she originated on Broadway), Russ Tamblyn and Richard Beymer.

Best Picture of 1961, with 10 Oscar wins. 

G, 153 min.

"Makes for both a savage and tender admixture of romance and war-to-the-death. Technically, it is superb; use of color is dazzling, camera work often is thrilling, editing fast with dramatic punch, production design catches mood as well as action itself. Even more notable, however, is the music of Leonard Bernstein and most of all the breathtaking choreography of Jerome Robbins, who in film is not limited by space restrictions of the stage. His dancing numbers probably are the most spectacular ever devised and lensed, blending into story and carrying on action that is electrifying to spectator and setting a pace which communicates to viewer. Bernstein’s score, with Stephen Sondheim’s expressive lyrics, accentuates the tenseness that constantly builds." - Variety