Wild River

Starlight Room - 21+ Venue, ID required
Wild River

as part of Classics Night


Playing in the Starlight Room · 21+ Venue
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Wed, 10/16 7:30
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One of Martin Scorsese's favorite films comes to Classics Night! Tennessee Valley Authority man Montgomery Clift heads south to save the an obdurate matriarch who who won't leave her scheduled-to-be-flooded-farm, finds derision from the locals and love from the war widow Lee Remick. Filmed magnificently on location in CinemaScope. Long considered a sleeper classic, this Elia Kazan film is worth rediscovering. 

From the Village Voice:
"With its fastidiously placed period icons—tattered movie posters, Model T Fords—Wild River was the first color ’30s movie, predating BONNIE AND CLYDE by seven years. (Like the stars of Bonnie and Clyde, Clift seems an emissary from the future.) Sympathetic to both sides, the movie pits tradition against progress, rugged individualism against the greater good. If WILD RIVER initially seems a fairy tale in which a New Deal prince rescues a backwoods Rapunzel from a reactionary old witch, the movie’s casting effectively reverses the roles. Clift is the sleeping beauty whose diffidence is (perhaps) thawed by Remick’s sexual warmth."

NR, 112 min.