Y Tu Mamá También - Space. Time. Light. Series

Y Tu Mamá También - Space. Time. Light. Series


Playing in the Starlight Room · 21+ Venue
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Sun 8/12 12:00
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Part of our "Space. Time. Light" film series.

Ted Walch, Endowed Chair for Cinema Studies at Harvard-Westlake School in Los Angeles will the language of film as he examines three landmark movies, varied in tone and texture, which sculpt their stories through Space and Time and Light.

Other films in this series include:

Roman Polanski / USA / 1974 / 130 min.
Saturday, August 11, 11:00 a.m.

Alfonso Cuarón / USA, UK, Japan / 109 min.
Saturday, August 11, 3:00 p.m.

“Light, Time and Space are the essence and the ultimate reality of film.” – Alejandro G. Inárritu

Starlight Room
$12 each / $30 series
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Mr. Walch previously delighted Port Townsend audiences with his presentations of THE 400 BLOWS and OLIVER TWIST. Walch comes to the Starlight after his fifth
summer in Paris researching François Truffaut, for his forthcoming book about THE 400 BLOWS entitled What Are We Going to Do About the Kid?: François
Truffaut, Jean-Pierre Leaud, and the Making of The 400 Blows.

The lives of Julio and Tenoch, like those of 17-year old boys everywhere, are ruled by raging hormones, intense friendships, and a headlong rush into adulthood. Over the course of a summer, the two best friends, while living out a carefree cross-country escapade with a gorgeous older woman, also find connection with each other, themselves and the world around them. Starring Diego Luna and Gabriel Garcia Bernal.