On-Screen Advertising and Theatre Rental

On-Screen Advertising and Theatre Rental

Our on-screen advertising is an wonderful way to get your business in front of a continuous audience. The Rose is also available for all types of special events: weddings, birthdays, private screenings, concerts, fundraisers, whatever you like!


Advertising with the Rose puts your business on the big screen, making it larger than life in the eyes of potential customers. With audiences ranging from 3,000-5,000 people per month, not only does Rose screen advertising compared to local print circulations, it also offers a captive audience whose line of vision is directed to your ad alone. During the summer season, your business has the capacity to reach over 20,000 sets of eyes.

Producing Your Slide
Two excellent local sources for screen images: Isabel Bay Design  and David Conklin Photography.

Facts and Figures
Slides rotate for 30 minutes prior to showtime. Each ad runs for 10-seconds, including fades, and will be rotated at least 4 times before the film starts.The Rose has a capacity of 158 and the Rosebud 79. Due to the popularity of the Rose, audiences arrive early to reserve their favorite seats giving your ad plenty of airtime.

Fine print
- Advertising options are for the Rose and Rosebud only.
- Precedes all movies EXCEPT the Metropolitan Opera and National Theatre.
- Advertisements can start any time during the month.
- Advertisements will not run during the PTFF.
- A customer preview is available at no extra charge, allowing for fonts/colors to be adjusted if necessary. 
- Political campaign and/or religious advertisements are not accepted

Email [email protected] for current rates.


The Rose, Rosebud and Starlight Room are available for a variety of events ([email protected]).  We're happy to do what we can to personalize the experience serving popcorn and drinks from our soda fountain, if desired.  

Private Screenings
Join family and friends for a private showing–we don't mind if you dance in the aisles.

Business Meetings
The Rose Theatre offers a range of audio/visual choices to suit your needs, including digital projection, spotlights, microphones, lectern, slide projector, and assisted listening devices.

Benefit Screenings and Fundraisers
The Rose has hosted innumerable benefit screenings for local organizations, and will help you track down a suitable movie for your screening. 

The Rose auditorium seats 158, the Rosebud 79, and the Starlight Room 46. Mornings and early afternoons are generally available, but we can work with your schedule with enough advance planning.

Book Your Event
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