Dance on Camera Tour

Dance on Camera Tour

A dazzling collection of films featuring dance of all kinds. 

Dance Series Pass: $95 

Tickets: $12 (GRAVITY HERO and BALLET NOW are $18, and will feature special guests).

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American Tap

Dance on Camera Tour. The history of tap is an ever-evolving panorama of inclusion, adversity, and reinvention. This in-depth documentary is an absorbing narrative about a quintessentially American dance form – from it origins, to the historic and cultural events that shaped it, to its present day rebirth as a vibrant art form.

Ballet Now

Dance on Camera Tour. BALLET NOW provides a rare glimpse into what it takes to create a one-of-a-kind dance extravaganza. Tiler Peck, New York City Ballet’s Prima Ballerina, is the first woman to curate LA Music Center’s famed BalletNOW. With dancers from around the globe, Tiler executes a groundbreaking vision that brings together tap, hip-hop, ballet and even clown artistry (Bill Irwin), while simultaneously producing, directing and dancing in multiple pieces.

If The Dancer Dances

Dance on Camera Tour. If a dance is not danced, it vanishes. Former Merce Cunningham dancer Lise Friedman and director Maia Wechsler follow a group of New York City’s top modern dancers as they reconstruct RainForest, an iconic work by the legendary Cunningham.

Play Serious

Dance on Camera Tour. RARE BIRDS, also by T.M. Rives, was a hit at the Rose’s first Dance on Camera festival in 2016. The director returns with PLAY SERIOUS, which follows the trials and tribulations of Alexander Ekman’s process of creating his new ambitious work for the Paris Opera Ballet. Ekman directed the groundbreaking production of A SWAN LAKE at the Norwegian National Opera & Ballet.

Perfectly Normal For Me

Dance on Camera Tour. Alexandria, Jake, Caitlin and Veronica, ages 5 to 15, want to change the conversation. They reveal in their own words what it’s like to deal with the literal ups and downs of a challenged life. We first meet them in a unique after-school dance program in Queens, New York. With a diverse group of dedicated teenage volunteers, dancers and helpers work together for a year toward a jubilant sprint recital.

Dance Shorts: Narrative and Experimental

This program explores a wide range of possibilities in filmmaking that bridge cinema and dance in ways that alter one's perception of both mediums.

Gravity Hero - West Coast Premier

Dance on Camera Tour. Trey McIntyre was one of the busiest young choreographers of his generation when he mysteriously shuttered his dance company. This sudden end is the backdrop of McIntyre’s introspective documentary, which explores themes of creativity, loss, and transformation embodied in the dances choreographed during the company’s life. Excerpts from some of his best known pieces include “Ma Maison,” inspired by his encounters with the New Orleans Preservation Jazz Band. McIntyre will join us for a Q&A following the film!

NY Export: Opus Jazz

Dance on Camera Tour. In 1958, Jerome Robbins’s “ballet in sneakers” became a hit. In 2010, the choreography was reimagined for the screen, taking a new generation of dancers to various locations around the city where these character-driven interludes take place. With its jazzy score and urban vibe, the film moves with the rhythms of the city that so often inspired Robbins.