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A Well Spent Life
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A deeply moving tribute to Texas blues man, Mance Lipscomb, whom many people consider to be the greatest blues guitarist and songster of all time. Born in 1895, a Black Texas sharecropper, guitarist, and singer, was recorded by Arhoolie Records in 1960. About ten years later, a film crew visits to listen to him play and sing and to record his reflections on a life well lived. We meet Elnora, his wife since 1913; she explains why she doesn't eat at the table with him. She cooks, Mance tells how a neighbor got his leg shot off, we see a baptism by immersion at which Mance assists. He talks about love and sacrifice, adopting and raising children including those of his sister, being with his grandchildren, traveling the US to sing, and his thoughts about dying. He presents peace, quiet, and great music. [excerpt from 

Lipscomb is full of wisdom he acquired over his 75 years, and talks freely about farming, cooking, women and the importance of sharing the earth and not giving in to the temptation of claiming too much for yourself. Unlike Hopkins, who seemed to live in a world gleefully ignorant of their shortcomings, Lipscomb seems fully aware and even more seems to think it is the correct way to live -- as simply as possible. Perhaps he is right.

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“The movie is dominated by the majesty of Lipscomb's performances, which Blank films with a luminous poise...”
New Yorker