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The mysterious murder of North Korean royal family member Kim Jong-nam in Malaysia sparks a captivating global investigation. At the center of the investigations are two young women are on trial for the murder. Are the women ruthless assassins or political pawns in a twisted game?

The investigation goes far beyond the headlines, probing further into each woman’s upbringing, one in rural Indonesia and one in Vietnam, and, ultimately, what led them to participate in an alleged prank show that ended with Kim Jong-nam dead. ASSASSINS questions every angle of this murder case, from human trafficking to high-level political espionage to the inner dynamics of the North Korean royal family. ASSASSINS shines a light on the global ramifications of this case and the life at stake for two young women in a dangerous plot.

3 day rental • NR • 104 min.

“As you watch the movie, I promise that there are moments when your jaw will drop.”

"Another 'can you believe it' story that I suspect will captivate people wherever they can see it."
— RogerEbert.com